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Constantly Changing

Andy and I talked about the best way to figure out 169 of our rate constants we need. The idea is that we'll divide the literature in half and peruse them for people reporting rate constants. Then we'll give the citation and number to Jose who'll put it in a google doc so we can analyze it later. For the record I am not rereading all these papers. that would drive me insane--i am just skimming them looking for real numbers. If I find some numbers then i'll read at least the section to understand what they are reporting.

So Andy and I don't go through the same papers looking for rate constants, we need a page to keep a list of every one we've done. Right now I'll leave my list connected to this page, but I'm sure Andy will make a sub page somewhere to make a complete list.

/List of Papers Looked through today

Alright my eyes are hurting from staring at the screen. I think i'll head out.