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Haiqing asked if i can take care of the following:

  1. Sec/Frame Factor: it seems like I can only put in an integer number there. However is it possible to put in something like 0.789 sec/frame? As noted on lab book, I recorded the 38 frames in 30 sec, so this factor is not an integer. Is it possible to allow me to put in a non-integer number?
  2. I am very interested in getting an Inner tangential velocity and Outer tangential velocity, respectively. Can you please add the calculator for these two values (basically using the Inner and Outer Radius times the angular velocity, respectively)? Please keep the Inner and Outer Radius values displayed as well.

Let's see what I can do to comply

Because Nothing is Easy

  1. For this one I don't have the problem she is having. This is weird. I checked the original, the .exe on my computer, and the .exeo n Andy's. And none of them have this problem. I checked the wires and there is nothing there. The only thing i can think of is that way back in the beginning I had to change two of richard yeh's saving since they were changing data into integers. But i changed them and saved the new .vi in my file. But i looked back to see if i can find the original .vi that i changed with the bug and i couldn't find it. Also if this was the problem it would probably affect more than just the time component.
    • The file was make multi column 2-d array with I can find the one i saved without the integer part but i can't find the original still.
    • I went for overkill trying to solve this problem. First I saved my altered .vi as Make multi column 2-d array with nicknames It is possible that her .exe was just loading the wrong .vi. So this'll hopefully fix that (if that's the problem.) I also changed the precision to extended. This probably won't solve any problem but like i said over kill. The .vi is used twice. I made sure both of the uses are inputting double precision values. The second use wasn't since it was saving pixel locations for the ROI. But now it is. So again I can't say for sure if this'll work but my finger's are crossed.
  2. That one went easy. It will be annoying to try and save this new data. OK done with this. Everything saves and calculates fine.

I don't know what to do about the first problem. I can't solve a problem that I can't find. This seems like this is just another stupid .exe problem.