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/Fixing some minor requests

I did what I could and sent Haiqing the update. Now time to think force again...or security cam. Koch gets back Wednesday, and I am still willing to bet that I can't figure out the force before he gets back. But that leaves me two days (counting today) to do some work before. So I'll hold off security cam for now considering i can do it tomorrow if i get tired of banging my head against the wall with force dependence.

/Force Dependence

right now i'll take a break, and head over to security camera.

/Security Camera Tinkering

Side Note

I must be extremely nerdy because check it. Yesterday I am working and trying to sieve information from this annual review. And when i got tired of doing it i was like lemme clear my mind and program for a bit. So i made a program that integrates the probability density function (see yesterday's pictures) as well as one that calculates F* from Koch's PRL. And it helped. Also I bought Batman: Arkham Asylum for PS3; a game i've been looking forward to for some time. What better time to get it then over a three day weekend. But yet here I am Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Don't get me wrong it is a great game, and i stay up late at night playing it, but i wake up and go wait maybe if i do this in the program, and before i know it i am here.