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Security Camera Improvements

I should add something in to delete any .avi that is smaller than x kb. Right now every once in a while a single frame will be saved as an .avi and that is kind of annoying. I am not sure how easy this'll be but i can worry about that later since i am not going to do it right now

so there is a problem with the location of the camera. when the light is off in the hallway, the camera can't see anything. it's too dark

Kinesin Walking Simulation

Fixing those three errors from yesterday i'll fuck around with the program. i wanna see the michaelis menten relationship with varying concentration. i haven't seen it yet and that wrories me. i hope there isn't something larger wrong with the program

Look at this graph. I think it looks Michaelis Menten like. or even Michaelis-Menten-Henri. This has a changing ATP concentration; for the record.

These numbers mean nothing since none of the rate constants are correct, but i feel good that the concentration dependence is working.

Now what to do. I have to add the force dependence, and make some sub.vis to easily change some of these global variables. I gave blood this morning so I am feeling shit. Which means i don't want to do any heavy lifting like what adding force dependence will take. So I'll write a to quickly change some of these global variables. Like I can make a drop down menu with a case structure. So you can choose Concentration Dependence. And the values of anything that has a concentration dependence will pop up. Or click ATP and all the ATP states will come up. Something like this. So this won't be hard just annoying

OK i am succumbing. I feel like shit, and this .vi sis gong to be insanely complex will being very simple. There has to be a control for every variable (not just the clusters). Ahh fuckett, take my word for it. this'll be annoying. So I am gonna take my victory of the Michaelis Menten above and walk out the door.

OK so i didn't actually stop. I would like to get done with the concentration dependence before I go. So this is DEFINITELY gonna be a long term project. This'll take a lot of time to do but minimum thought to do it. So in down time i should just build this .vi. For example for this concentration dependence, if some one clicks to change all variables with this option 36 different controls should pop onto the screen. ok i gotta think if there is an easier way to do this.