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Things wired wrong

I went through Jose's notes to find those bugs. However, at some point the printing must've went wrong because a lot of the images were in the wrong spot so the things he pointed out weren't actually bugs. He pointed out 11 problems but only three of them were actual problems. Those are fixed now, but now i have to go through the program by hand and double check it. damn i was hoping i didn't have to do this.

OK I printed everything out again, this time i was able to get the html to work so it came out to 20 something pages front and back instead of 70 pages front only. anyways i went through them all and i didn't find any more errors with the wiring. i did find some wrongly named weird and normal states that i gotta fix, but that doesn't change how the program runs. I also wanted to think about how an unbound foot might affect a bound foot, but i am sticking to my guns and saying it doesn't.