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Adding Concentration Dependence

On my talk page from yesterday's notebook entry koch said that i was initially correct, but by the end of the day was less correct. The dependence should be linear with concentration, and the michaelis-menten should come out of that with a rate limiting step down the line somewhere. This linear relation is due to the ATP hydrolyzing and stepping being a first order reaction. However going in the other direction ADP + P --> ATP is a second order reaction. I am not sure what i gotta do with that. I could probably still just make ADP and P concentration dependent, and hope the second order comes out of that. I think i will and see what happens.

ok now that linear relation is placed in--fantastic

Brian was nice enough to print out the .vi for finding rate constants. It turned out to be about 70 pages long. I think he had to do them one by one basically. So sorry about that Jose' if I knew i would have found a better way to do it. Anyways, if he knew that i would have him sift through the .vi he might have been more reluctant. Anyway he looked through the .vi to find errors in wiring. If i had the wrong global variable somewhere. He found 11 mistakes. This makes me feel good because i was getting crappy numbers when i tried to run through the Michaelis Menten above. So i'll have to fix those bugs. Thanks again brian that saved me a shit load of time. i know it was monotonous work and it hurts your eyes quickly but you did it anyways. thanks

Security Cam

I wrote software today that will save video if it detects motion. Right now it isn't pretty but it works. Keep in mind it is still very ugly looking but it saves an .avi when an image is sufficiently different from a previous image. Right now i look at the average value of the difference but i am not very happy with this criteria. Changing it won't be tough. but i am just not sure what to judge the difference in order to decide to save the .avi or not. But i'll come up with something. Right now it works.

I also should add a snap photo button. probably some other options.

i can make it into an .exe and it works but i can't load it on the computer since it will need some fancy installing that i am not sure i know how to do. I gotta talk to Koch about this when he gets back.

i thought this security camera software would take longer, but if i can think of what options i want to add i can finish it tomorrow which is good because then i can get back to the walking simulation.

There are a lot of open source security camera software out there. I wonder if i make this software much better if i can chuck it out there. LarriCam open source motion detector for webcams. freeware. yeah i gotta work on the slogan, but i doubt i could do that.

ok i added the snap photo button. There is also this that when used pops up a window allowing the user to change properties like image size and shit like that. frame rate. i gotta figure a way to use that better.

however, if the user changes frame rate i gotta change the delay in the while loop that i have in right now. that delay is probably stupid anyways. i gotta put thought into it