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Koch was right

The .exe from friday wasn't working right because i wasn't building it from the right source file. i fixed this and everything looks kosher. I also had to fix some small problems (saving data in columns and updating tangential velocity after removing points, but as far as i know all's good now). I know this won't be the last time i take a crack at this code to make everything move smoothly, but to tell you the truth i think i'll be happy when Andy and I tackle the walking simulation. I kinda wanna start looking at different wires for a little bit.

The .exe is here: \\Controller\users\herskowitz.larry\My Documents\LabVIEW Data\app

I'll make a cam studio again for Haiqing since this new stuff isn't the most user friendliest shit i got going on. unfortunately i gotta download camstudio since this user name doesn't have it.

Andy's sick so he couldn't come in today which is fine since i am exhausted from moving ginny's heavy stuff all weekend. I couldn't come in yesterday because i couldn't really sit up, and i had to come in late today because we had to finish everything up this morning. but now all moved in. i just gotta say i hate 6 foot tall dressers made in the 1970s that are heavy as all fuck.

ok enough procrastinating time to download camstudio

i am trying to make this movie but i am getting extremely frustrated as "Windows - Delayed Write Failed" keeps coming up every five seconds. Did you know that "windows was uanable to save all the data for the file //controller/userappdata.h.l/Application data/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles/q4fkde8u.defaults/cookies.sqlite/ the data has been lost. This error may be caused by a failure of your computer hardware or network." Fascinating isn't it. Fuck this shit--I'm out I'll make this movie tomorrow. And Fuck Windows write failed. why can't i click it and tell it not to bother me any-fucking-more. fuck--i'll do this first thing in the morning.

Steve Koch 01:31, 31 August 2009 (EDT): Awesome that you got the thing compiled. The delayed write error is one of the most annoying, sorry. I'm guessing (hoping) it's related to the fact that Caleb fixed the domain problems tonight, probably while you were working. Tomorrow, give it a try logging onto your regular account, and hopefully it will all work more smoothly. I hope so! Thanks for working on it this weekend, even after sucky moving. Moving sucks. Sounds like you didn't get enough beer reward either.