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Fixing a bug

Ok i have a pretty nice way to have the user remove points, but i need a to pop open. Doesn't seem too hard except for the fact that i can't fucking get it to happen. I don't know why. It keeps saying "NI-488: Command requires GPIB Controller to be Controller in Charge." Da Fuck does that mean? And then why does the thing work perfectly for the other i open. Despite the fact that both are wired exactly the same way. Kind of perplexing Huh?

I saved everything and then closed it all out and then it worked. Funny

OK i have a routine to let the user remove bad points. and that can be saved if the user presses save last data. it is pretty nice looking and works.

Koch, I wanna show you the tangential velocity from looking at a spot move around the circle. because i would expect the tangential velocity to be constant, but it isn't.

Steve Koch 23:26, 27 August 2009 (EDT): That sounds pretty interesting, and definitely I want to take a look. Unless a fire emerges, will be the first thing I look at tomorrow.
TheLarry 00:11, 28 August 2009 (EDT): I can't rule out the fact that maybe I screwed something up somewhere. but i am looking forward to showing you it. So I'll do my best not to start a fire, but i can't promise you anything