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Everything seems to be working on the .exe. The only thing i have left to add is something to remove bad points from the graph. I gotta ask Koch how important this is. It would improve the best fit line so i am guessing it is something i should do. Steve Koch 13:02, 20 August 2009 (EDT): I think you should send it to Haiqing today -- then work on removing the bad points later. Although I think it would be pretty easy to remove them based on distance from the curve:

  • after fixing 2pi stuff, do the linear fit
  • look at residuals (data minus fit). throw away data points which have residuals that are xsigma away from the mean residuals
    • make sure to use a real x-axis, so when you throw away data points there is an actual gap in the graph to preserve the slope. That is, make the x-axis time as opposed to data point #
    • you could also use something like Chauvenet's criterion, but I think that is more complicated than you need, because really those outliers are probably massively outliers.
  • re-fit the data
  • report the answer with and without the bad data points

TheLarry 14:08, 20 August 2009 (EDT):You got it Koch. It worked you're the man Koch.
TheLarry 14:27, 20 August 2009 (EDT):OK I got it working and am building the .exe now. I gotta donate blood soon, but the latest incarnation is (whatever we named it before)n2.exe. I couldn't test it because that computer isn't connecting to the server and i gotta run. I'll be back soon. I'll e-mail ya to let you know when i can make it back.

OK everything is working now. Koch helped me fix the un mod problem i was having and we removed the bad points. and now everything looks copacetic. I have to fix up my manual but for right now i am going to make the camstudio instructions. thanks for the help koch

OK I made the camstudio it is on the z drive under ,dropzone\circle movies\tutorial

Koch everything works and it is ready to go. It is called Track Rotating Microtubules.exe and it located in MyDocuments\Labview Data\App It should be the very last thing modified