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Inner and Outer Radius

I got the clamp to work to detect the inner and outer radii. I switched the image to a binary and then created a vertical and a horizontal straight line from the user input ROI to create the rectangle that the clamp searches for edges on. The only problem i see is the threshold strategy. Since the answer changes with which method was chosen. I am gonna leave it in for now but give the user the ability to alter it.

I have to put in the manual thresholding ability. I am thinking press manual and a new window appears allowing the user to threshold like a simpler version of the tracking software.

That'll have to hold off for a second because now when the user creates a template, it must save that image as well as the ROI so the inner and outer radii can be determined from that.

OK now it saves and loads the ROI used to create the template. As well as figure out the inner and outer radii. It gives the user the ability to manually change the threshold if the user wants. I also need to do this for the circle fit. Hold on i'll be right back.

And I am back. It is running fine and does everything i want it to do right now. I am sure there are bugs but i'll fix them when i find them.

Oooh i can change the color of the background. I haven't done that yet. OK it's white.

I am gonna try to write a manual explaining how this works.

  • Andy Maloney 21:04, 19 August 2009 (EDT): Send me the manual and I will help you proof read it.
TheLarry 23:17, 19 August 2009 (EDT):It is on the z drive ,dropzone\Circle Movies\Manual or something like that thanks for the help