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Knocking more off the list

This page has the list of additions and improvements.

  1. I gotta keep track of how many times the object that is spinning crosses 360 (or 0). Once it goes from say 360 to 380 the program says 360 to 20 i gotta make that 380.
    • Completed, but not entirely confident in this so fixes might be necessary
  2. I gotta write something to calculate the tangential velocity
  3. save data
  4. add in advanced sub.vis
    • Completed, and loving it
  5. add possibility to track multiple circles at once
  6. limit angles that the .vi searches through.
  7. IMAQ Rotation Detect
    • Shitty and not worth my time

I have put in the advanced sub.vis. They work amazingly well. I have to fuck with the values of all of them, but they get rid of bumps i see in the data. It seems to me that all those poor points i was finding before can be lost with a little tinkering with these advanced values. The names are "IMAQ Advanced Setup Learn Pattern 2 " and "Advanced Setup Match Pattern 2" of course these are in labview

I saw a couple of quirks. One the graph seems to update crappily. If i run it once--every once in a while--the graph will show poor data but if i run it again under the same circumstances it shows the correct data. It is strange. it probably is a race bug. I can't remember the other quirks, i'll write them down as i find them.

I still don't think i need to limit the angles it goes through (#6). Multiple tracks will still be the hardest (#5). It just gets harder as i add more to the code too. Save data (#3) I need the tangential which I need to do (#2). But I am still thinking about the ellipse issue.

I used a best fit line to find ω. Then i need to multiply by radius.

Things i have left

  1. nm/pixel and s/frame
  2. read correct error code
  3. best fit line
  4. save data
  5. make .avi movie with box