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MT Circles

As a favor to koch's friend i am writing a .vi that will calculate the angular velocity of some spinning microtubules. i am taking off tomorrow, but as of right now i have two working .vis. one in color and one in black and white. both of them go through the whole .vi and track the angle's between a template tubule and the frame. the only problem i have is that the .vis aren't user friendly at all. and i don't trust the answers. i trust the color answers better, but for a few frames the angles don't change enough. they should change something like 10 degrees between frames but for like three or four frames in a row the angle barely changes. but it gives for a final angle of 184 which sounds right. the black and white gives a final angle of 14~ which doesn't look right at all. this may be just a problem with some constants or constraints for the pattern matching. like rotational invariant is on but something else has to be set better. i gotta play around with it. but the hard work looks to be done. Koch, i can get this thing done nuts to bolts by monday.
Steve Koch 22:58, 11 August 2009 (EDT): Awesome. Also, one thing I know she'll want is the actual linear velocity (tangential) at various points. E.g., just omega*r. I think this should be pretty easy now that you got the hard part done. It requires knowing the center of rotation, but I think the user can pick that by eye.
TheLarry 23:31, 11 August 2009 (EDT):I gotcha. I might be able to do that with a particle analysis too. But even with that I think i can get it done by monday