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Fixing the bug from yesterday

So there is a problem with my software. Specifically how I find edges. This is evident in the graph i posted yesterday. It might be fixable if I take the polynomial to more degrees or if i switch from polynomial to another equation, but i think it is more likely that I ditch the whole idea of fitting it to a function. If I make it binary I can just use a particle analysis .vi to find first pixel. I'll lose the back information, unless I rotate it..hmmm...anyways--fitting it to a function may still work. I just may have to do it smarter say write a function that finds the middle of the MT from its coordinates. But i'll try using this .vi instead

This is the velocity graph using first and last pixels from the particle analysis The graph on the bottom is from the old way of best fitting a polynomial. That error is gone now which is good. However I imagine I'll still have problems with particles that make larger turns.

I am not giving up on the polynomial method. Well not entirely. If I can write a that will track a line through the center of the outline of the particle that would be the best and might also work with MTs that turn 360 degrees or 2 Pi radians.

Fuck Sparingly