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Tubule Tracking

Ok I can now track a good number of these tubules throughout the entire video. This is by no means complete. At some point I turn the image into a binary image, so that opens up a good number of possibilities to improve this algorithm since there is a vi that looks for blobs and calls them particles. Tomorrow i'll play with this and see how well it can do. Also there are a shit load of IVA sub.vis i never looked through found here:
C:\Program Files\National Instruments\Vision Assistant 7.1\CG\IVA Templates LV71-Vision71.llb
these might have a large impact on how well i can do this shit. most of these vis are probably duplicates of IMAQ shit. Fuckett it is worth looking through.

also i have added an .avi portion to take movies of the tracking. with it on it runs slowly and right now i have them in a case structure that with constants on false. i have a lot to do before this is user friendly, but i feel like i am on my way

so in summary i gotta look up IVA shit as well as stuff in binary sub.vis in NI vision. Fuck yea.