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  • From last two PCRs, looks like not enough template DNA (controls are strong, scorable; some samples had low amplification that seem would be fine with additional template)
  • SCOC MP2 Plate5 samples plated in triplicate (plus 5 additional samples from various extraction batches), 2µL then 4µL then 6µL. Dessicated overnight as usual.
20130522 PCR.png
  • Complications:
    • I derped - forgot to actually put the plate in the cycler (left it in the centrifuge) for the duration of the cycling. Noticed when I went to remove the plate from the cycler, only to find the cycler was empty. Plate was sitting in centrifuge for approx. 1.5 hours.

Fragment Analysis Submission

  • UAGC Submission# HBXH
20130522 Frag.png

20130522 FedEx.png

  • FedEx picked up 4:45pm, 22 May
  • FedEx delivered 9:37am, 23 May
  • UAGC received 11:27am, 23 May
  • UAGC completed 10:33am, 24 May