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CNHY MP1a/b Optimization

  • optimize for marker peak height - vary each primer (based on results from 23 July 2012)
  • CNHY MP1a: increase Ai5013, Ai5043, Ai5071
  • CNHY MP1a: decrease Acos5
  • CNHY MP1b: increase Ai5057, Ai5062


  • too lazy to do confirmation gel

Fragment Analysis Submission

  • UAGC Submission# YFPQ
20121115 Frag.png

20121115 FedEx.png

  • FedEx picked up 3:01pm, 15 November
  • FedEx delivered 9:23am, 16 November
  • UAGC received 12:08pm, 16 November
  • UAGC completed 11:31am, 19 November