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SCOC Multiplex Optimization

Fragment Analysis Results

SCOC MPY Uniplexes


20120330 Scun3.png


20120330 Scun11.png


20120330 sar80.png


for evenness

this is the best sample; most had extremely high Scun15 and extremely low Scun19, low Scun9
20120330 MPG.png

+ sar80

sar80 did not amplify at all when multiplexed with the green lane
20120330 MPGsar80.png

SCOC Conclusions

  • Scun11 range is very large and overlaps with sar80
  • sar80 seems non polymorphic?
  • because of sar80's resistance to amplify and overlapping amplicon range with Scun11, needs to be run separately from the other 9 markers for SCOCs
  • may be able to integrate it with the 8 SW markers not yet screened

CNHY Multiplex Optimization

Fragment Analysis Results


throw it all together to see what happens

this is by far the best sample: many markers seemed to amplify (Ai5033, Ai5037, Acos5, Ai5035, Ai5062), only Ai5057's amplicon is not seen
all other samples only amplified Acos5
20120330 MPA.png

CNHY Conclusions

  • oye, lots of work still to do, here