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CNHY / CNTI Multiplex Planning

Primer Interactions

20120113 PrimerInteractions.png

Revised Multiplex Map

20120113 MultiplexMap1.png


  • initially, would suggest three separate multiplexes (to separate Acos3 from Ai5057, both of which overlap with Ai5013
  • decided to try to cram into 2 multiplexes (and ignore the Acos3-Ai5057 interaction)
  • 20120113 MultiplexMap.png
  • MultiplexA:
Ai5013, Ai5033, Ai5043, Ai5062, Ai5071
Buffer E, 56°C
  • MultiplexB:
Acos3, Acos5, Ai5035, Ai5037, Ai5057
Buffer F, 56°C
  • NEXT: design set of PCRs to send to frag