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  • (used piece of gel that was poured 12 September)
  • run H1-6 (includes H2O) for all three PCR plates

20111101 Gel.png

  • not all loci are apparent, but PCR did work, so send to frag
absent bands will hopefully be smaller peaks on pherogram

Ship and Fragment Analysis Submission

  • FedEx Tracking# 876927708718
20111101 FedEx.png
  • UAGC Submission# AXRJ

  • FedEx picked up 2:56pm, 1 November
  • FedEx delivered 9:15am, 2 November
  • UAGC received 12:26pm, 2 November
  • UAGC completed 10:08am, 3 November

Meeting with Rulon

Proposal Stuff

  • feasibility of getting enough SCOC data as well as enough CNTI data ... nope, not gunna happen
  • discussed possibility of pushing proposal to next semester (March)
  • Arguments to propose in December:
  1. proof of concept will, actually, be possible
  2. proof of concept = molecular techniques work (and Tara is capable of doing them), fine-scale structure is detectable with these techniques, and these species would be a cool comparison
  3. I'm confident I'll be able to get enough samples of SCOC run and analyzed for the proposal in December (but whiptails will not get there)
  4. because a proposal should be just that - a proposal
  • Arguments to propose in March:
  1. the precedent set for proposals has been much more than a proposal - it's kinda like a pre-defense
  2. will have more time to get whiptails up and running
  3. may be able to validate some of the markers using Andy's suggestion of genotyping a family group (related individuals)
  • will talk with Andy to see his thoughts ...