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Rulon Meeting


  • goal of 10 markers per species
  • prioritize all markers optimized (rather than all samples genotyped)
  • so, the unfinished part of the proposal will be to finish sampling the sites

Written Proposal

  • 9-10 page research paper
  • get it done several weeks in advance

Oral Proposal

  • Rulon is sending Tod an email now to request a proposal slot for December Ecology Proposal Fest
  • December fills up fast

Next week

  • get timeline done
    • data done by beginning November
    • analysis done by mid-November
    • get proposal to commeittee by Thanksgiving

Other Stuff

  • find dry ice shippers - ask Mark Pacheco

Order Primers

  • IDT Primer List (2nd tier):
    • Scun7 - complex motif
    • Scun16 - low allele count
    • Scun19 - dinucleotide repeat
    • sar84 - dinucleotide repeat
    • SA52.33 - complex motif
    • SA60.02 - dinucleotide repeat
  • ordered 20 Sept 2011 3:30pm

  • Applied Bio
    • requested quote for NED label ... when received:
    • order Scun3, Scun11