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SCOC Subsample PCR

  • PCR a subsample of SCOCs for Scun2, Scun10, Scun15 - those that worked in last frag run
  • red/blue/green colors represent the different population clusters across the road at each site (see Excel document SDSURF_Report_Samples.xlsx)
  • 20110712 PCR.jpg
  • did not have time to run gel before last FedEx pick-up of the day

Fragment Analysis Submission

  • Mix Multiplexes together into remaining empty columns:
3µL Blue + 3µL Green
3µL Green + 3µL Yellow
3µL Blue + 3µL Yellow
2µL Blue + 2µL Green + 2µL Yellow
20110712 FragSubmitMap.jpg

  • UAGC Submission#:
    • Top grid = SNGN
    • Botton grid = KJNB

  • FedEx Tracking # 875047691889
20110713 FedEx.png
Tried to ship on Tuesday, but was in too much of a rush to get it to FedEx that I didn't fill out the forms correctly
Package was returned to SDSU at 10am on Wednesday. Re-packaged dry ice and re-shipped Wednesday afternoon with no further problems
Delivered to UAGC 9:30am Friday, 15 July