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  • Since I'm a bit confused about the sizing and color combos of the amplicons in the frag data, run mini multiplexes.
  • If the colors are correct (FAM = blue, TET = green), then the markers that amplified are Scun2, Scun10 and Scun11 (in which case SCOC amplicon sizes are quite a bit different from SCUN amplicon sizes)
  • If the sizes are correct (from comparing 23 June 2011 gel sizing to frag sizing), then the markers that amplified are Scun3, Scun11 and Scun15 (in which case TET = blue, HEX = green)
  • throw in Scun9 and Scun22, just for funzies

  • 20110706 PCR.jpg


  • used leftover gel pieces ...
  • 20110706 Gel.jpg
  • Mini Mix A (Scun2, Scun10, Scun11): Scun2 amplicon not visible; Scun10/Scun11 band visible
  • Mini Mix B (Scun3, Scun11, Scun15): all three bands visible
  • Mini Mix C (Scun9, Scun11, Scun22): Scun9/11 band visible; Scun22 amplicon not visible (though some non-specific amplification is visible)