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Meeting with Rulon

Dry Ice

  • Mark Pacheco is in charge of ordering dry ice
  • dry ice is delivered by CO2Cool on Tuesdays and Fridays to NLS 320

FedEx Account

  • Patti Swinford can help
  • Domestic Airbill, plastic pouch, dry ice sticker
  • use SDSU Foundation general account number on 'Sender's FedEx Account Number'
  • use SDSU Foundation ConGen account number on 'Internal Billing Reference'

UAGC Account

  • find out what info is needed - email Bob at ARL
  • email Rulon the needed info, so he can inquire with SDSU Foundation (they might not want us to use the p-card on a repetitive basis)

New Computer

  • try to install from original disks (XP, Office, OpticonMonitor)
  • bring computer to SCEC for OS upgrades and computer configuration


  • have everyone run Scun2 as positive control