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Try to extract the GFP from the dialysis buffer. Make MBP-intein gold nanoparticles.


Extracting GFP Protein

Today we tried to extract our GFP protein from the dialysis buffer it had leaked into yesterday. We were not able to concentrate it, or get it to stick to a nickel column. Because of this we will need to re-express and purify the GFP again over the weekend.

MBP-intein Gold Nanoparticles

  1. Mix 500μL MBP-intein, 200μL 4.17μM HAuCl4, and distilled H2O in a glass test tube to a final volume 4mL.
  2. Place the test tube at 80°C for about 5 hours.
  3. Remove and store at room temperature, wrapped in aluminum foil.


When removed from the oven the MBP-intein/gold solution was a light purple color.