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Learn how to make a zein protein film based on the description from the paper:

Zein protein film formation with BSA conjugated NPs was carried out as follows. First of all, a clear solution of zein (10% w/v) in aqueous ethanol (90% v/v) along with glycerol (30% on zein weight basis) as plasticizer was prepared. Five grams of this filmogenic solution was placed in a 9 cm diameter plastic Petri dish and gently swirled to coat the bottom of the dish. It was placed without a lid on a level surface (checked with a spirit level) in an oven at 40°C for 24 h.
Bakshi, et al (doi:10.1021/jp110296y)


  1. A 90% ethanol solution was made by mixing 9mL of ethyl alcohol with 1mL of distilled water in a 10mL graduated cylinder.
  2. Then 1g of zein was measured out and put into a beaker.
  3. 237μL of glycerol was added to the beaker
  4. Approximately 7mL of the ethanol solution was added to the beaker and the components in the beaker were mixed with a stir bar on a stir plate.
  5. After the mixture was thoroughly mixed it was poured into a clean 10mL graduated cylinder and the mixture was diluted to 10mL with the 90% ethanol solution.
  6. A plastic petri dish was put onto a scale and the scale was zeroed. Then, 5g of the zein mixture was added to the petri dish.
  7. The petri dish was put into an oven at 37°C for approximately 24 hours.


The protein film was removed from the oven about 23 hours after it was put in.

A picture of the film after being cut off of the petri dish and folded a bit: Photo (5).JPG

The film was very smooth when touched. It also looked shiny. It was very easy to bend and fold. When viewed under a microscope it looked speckled.


  • Calculation for glycerol volume:
  • 30% of the zein weight is 0.3g
  • the density of glycerol is 1.261g/mL
  • (0.3g)/(1.261g/mL)=237.9μL
  • The transfer of glycerol was difficult with the pipette. The consistency of glycerol made the transfer difficult.
  • The protein film was put into the oven at 2:10pm on 9/6/11.

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