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Oct 21, 2015 - Hypercarb column

Column Information

  • column number 10363837
  • Thermo Scientific
  • Hypercarb DIM(mm) 100x4.6
  • Lot 5-703
  • HPLC columns are short packed materials not for use above 100 degrees C



  • Conducted column leak test 0.150 mL/min flow rate for pump A and B
  • Column equilibrium 0.4 flow rate for pump A and B
  • The following solutions were analyzed to test whether or not separation would occur
  1. sugars
  2. phosphate
  3. phenol
  4. higher concentration of phenol

No separation occurred  :(


  • The following solution were analyzed
  1. SHMP for Sigma
  2. NaH2PO4
  3. water


  • SHMP from AP

SHMP from AP.jpg

  • Water


  • NaH2PO4


  • SHMP for Sigma

SHMP from Sigma.jpg