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Oct 7 - LCMS-2010 Introduction

Sample prep

200ppm solutions of the three different SHMP products

  1. Ash - 0.02497g
  2. Yanbu - 0.02275g
  3. AP - 0.01992g

All diluted to 100mL with DI water

LCMS-2010 Notes

  • Located in Penthouse

order of operation

  1. LCMS solution software
  2. Turn on gas 120 psi Nitrogen
  3. Open Window
  4. LCMS solution Analysis 1>Data>Instrument parameters >Scan mode 50-600>Sample Settings> 5 min run time because there was not a column
  5. Must always make sure controller has a stop at end of program
  6. Created a Tami Tinsley folder in CHEM 605, save all data there
  7. Tested SHMP for Ash for Test 1 > 1ml per min, isocratic flow
  8. 093015Tunning program
  9. 5µL column use 10µL of sample to inject > must use blunt tip for injection
  10. Test 2 reduced flow rate to 0.250 for both pump A and B


  • Test 1 images, pump flow 0.500 mL/min

10072015AshSHMPtest1 cropped.png

  • Test 2 images, pump flow 0.250 mL/min

10072015AshSHMPtest2 cropped.png

  • Higher pump flow produced better resolution