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  • Perform OceanOptics on 10 um Proteinase K


For full protocol, see here.

  • Preparing AuNP fiber samples
    • Five 1 mL predried fiber samples were obtained
    • 0.2mL of 100mM Tris and 50mM CaCl2 pH 8 buffer was added into the first eppendorf tube of fiber samples
    • This was done for all five samples
    • All five samples were combined into the cuvette to run with the ocean optics
  • Preparing Protinase K solution
    • Proteinase K tube 1G was mixed with 1 mL of 100mM Tris/50mM CaCl2 pH 8 buffer
    • Proteinase K conentration: (0.00116g)*(1mol/28,900g)*(1/0.001L)= 0.0000553 M Proteinase K
    • Amount of Proteinase K solution needed for 3mL with 1μM concentration: M1*V1 = M2*V2 => (55.3 μM)*(V1) = (1 μM)*(3 mL) => V1 = 54 μL Proteinase K
    • Amount of Buffer solution need to get to 3mL: (3mL total)-(0.054 mL Protinase K solution) - 1mL fibers = 1.946 mL buffer
    • Proteinase K, AuNP fiber samples, and buffer was mixed in a cuvette and run through the OceanOptics.