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Learn the importance of UV-Vis and Fluorescence


The protocol for today's lab is taken from Dr. Harting's lab notebook. Each lab group was tasked with creating different dillutions from a 21.4μM lysozyme stock. In our group, a 1/10 dilution of a 21.4μM lysozyme stock was created to make a 3mL 2.14μM solution. In order to make the dilution, we took 0.3mL(1/10*3mL total volume needed) from the 21.4μM lysozyme stock solution and placed it in a cuvette. Then we added 2.7mL of water to dilute the solution into a 2.14μM solution. The graph below shows the results from the UV-Vis analysis of our diluted solution.
UVVis 08 CHEM671 Dilution Practice.png