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Determine the effect of adding a refolding buffer to fiber forming reaction before removing from heatblock. Examine gradient reactions from 12/6/11 in UV-Vis


An AuNP synthesis reaction was run using the same concentrations as reaction 1 from 12/06:

100μL 17.7μM BSA, 100μL 2.9mM Au, 800μL water in a plastic tube. The reaction tube was place at 80°C in a heat block. On 12/06 this reaction formed fibers when removed from the heat block. Today, 500μL 50mM Tris, pH 7.5., used as a refolding buffer, was added after three hours. Five minutes after the refolding buffer was added the reaction was removed. No fibers formed.

Photo (11).JPG


Au.BSA gradient.PNG



Peak locations:

Au/BSA 164- 544nm

Au/BSA 131- 533nm

Au/BSA 66- 535nm


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