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In Progress

Run PCR Product on Gel

Transform PCR Product into E. Coli

Run additional AuNP synthesis reaction with fresh gold stock


AuNP Synthesis

Reaction 1- 1mL 15.5μM BSA + 1mL 2.5mM HAuCl4 removing from heat every 30 minutes for 10 minutes

Reaction 2- 1mL 15.5μM BSA + 1mL 2.5mM HAuCl4 heating continuously (some fluctuation from opening oven door)

Protein Gel

Remove wax from PCR Product

Add 1μL of DpnI and heat in heat block at 37°C for one hour to digest non-methylated DNA

Prepare 1.2% Agarose Gel: Add 0.25 g of 0.01 g/mL of agarose, 25 mL of 1x tris base, acetic acid, and TAE buffer in flask. Microwave for 40 seconds.

Pour gel and allow to solidify

Transfer 10μL of the PCR product to second PCR and add 2μL of 6X loading buffer

Load solution into gel, along with ladder


Prepare agar plate: 0.875 g LB, 0.7 g agar, and 35 mL of water.

As mixture cools add 35 μL ampicillin.

Add 5μL of PCR product to 30μL NovaBlue Competent E.coli in sterile PCR tube


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