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Loading buffer prep

  • I spoke with Kim from diagnostic technologies on the phone. She said that I can probably use food dye and glycerol as a loading buffer. The purpose of the buffer is to cause the DNA to sink into the well. The bromophenol blue is just an indicator of how fast the DNA is moving. If the food dye is bound to the glycerol it should move at a similar speed hopefully. Also, I can just use the dye in the ladder as a point of reference.

The recipe below was found at

Glycerol & bromophenol blue (6x)

  • 3ml glycerol (30%)
  • 25mg bromophenol blue (0.25%)
  • dH2O to 10mL

I think I will just make it up without the bromophenol and add the food colouring in a similar proportion.

Modified recipe attempt 1

  • Total vol 1.5ml
  • 450ul glycerol
  • 1 drop food dye (~32ml)
  • 1045ul dH20