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Steve Koch 23:01, 29 April 2010 (EDT): Today, I looked at some of Andy's recent heavy-hydrogen and heavy-oxygen water kinesin data. He is amazingly good at these assays now. Today he was taking data and assembling computer from scratch at the same time. We now have a tremendous amount of data and need to figure out what to do with it. I used manual tracking with Larry's new kernel density estimation to look at the data. It's still tough to capture those session in terms of "open science." I took notes, but it would be very difficult for people to follow.


Tomorrow I'll continue to look at it with Andy. The 81% oxygen-18 water is definitely slower than regular water. And it appears definitely faster than 80% deuterium water. At first, when comparing 81% oxygen-18 with 90% D2O, I was thinking 80% D2O would be similar to 80% oxygen-18. But upon looking at 80% D2O, if anything it seemed slower than 90%.

Tomorrow I'll need to learn how to use the "append to spreadsheet" feature so I can crunch data for real. I'll keep thinking of ideas for how to make it easier to capture information to share in notebook during analysis.

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