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Steve Koch 02:51, 14 July 2009 (EDT): I brought in Kochlab-03 (which has a PCI 6052E DAQ board along with BNC-2090) into the new 1/2 lab. I took the USB 2.0 card out of kochlab-04 and also took kochlab-04's monitor and mouse (sorry Linh!). I put kochlab-daq2 and -03 on the very top shelf to isolate from OT as far as vibrations go. Cables and everything just are long enough in some cases, and it's quite ugly. On the other hand it will work in the near-term. I used the new cables from Linh and Brigette and T connectors, so now we can use kochlab-03 as the oscilloscope computer. NOTE: We need isolators (4 channels), because from prior experience I know that the ADC on the 605s2E card will interfere with the M-series feedback control card.'

This computer may not be able to handle ANdor

First time running Larry's video acquisition program, it worked for a bit, slowed and then seemed to crash. It did it again. That's fucking annoying.

Fuck this computer for another reason: the DAQ board stopped working (can't use DaqMX test panel for AI) (it's possible due to changing the DaqMX library files?). In any case, I wrote a version of Oscilloscope 97 that compiles, but I did not attempt to debug it.