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Steve Koch 14:27, 16 June 2009 (EDT): Installing Andor Luca on kochlab-daq2. Following instructions on Page 21 of the Users Guide 1.0. Plugged USB drive into computer (with the install software). Plugged in power to camera. Plugged camera USB cable into computer.

The instructions are outdated and suck. Need to do the following: Andor Luca Install.JPG
Installing Solis via the setup.exe file on the USB drive in Solis directory. Choosing Luca as camera, and ignoring the windows warning. Installed quickly, and am now restarting.

Camera Works w/ Solis

After restarting, I was able to acquire live images using Andor Solis. That confirms that things are working OK so far.

Larry's LabVIEW

Steve Koch 14:58, 16 June 2009 (EDT): OK, so the Atmcd32d.dll is still missing. So, I must need to install the SDK manually. (Using "Larry's second attempt at live")

  • running setup.exe in the SDK directory. Chose Luca as camera. Restarting computer.
  • Larry's program now compiles, with these warnings: /compilation warnings
  • The live video feed works well!
  • I got an error when I tried to save to avi. First guess is this may have to do with it not being my account running the software.
    • Yeah, I think it just needs some local directories.

Steve Koch 15:57, 16 June 2009 (EDT): It is now working. To make it easy for users, I copied the program over (preserving heirarchy) to the local harddrive. It is now here: C:\Movies from Live Feed\June 16 Working Video Acq\Video on kochlab-daq2.

For some reason Andor driver didn't survive moving the computer

Camera was not recognized when I moved everything. Not sure what happened. Trying again. (Windows defender is also successfully installing now...Caleb fixed it.) Putting the USB drive for Andor Camera into the file cabinet