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Steve Koch 23:56, 15 June 2009 (EDT): Needing to move Larry's video acquisition software over from kochlab-daq1 to kochlab-daq2. Trying to open "Larry's second attempt at live feed" made it obvious that I need to install the camera software and SDK first. That will require remembering how we did that last year. It will be much easier in person, so I'm going to hold off until tomorrow. Once I do, I want to add "default values" type stuff to the software, along with "project" and user detection stuff to put files in user and project directories automatically. To do this, will just copy stuff from my image acquisition at Sandia.

Here are Larry's instructions for Livefeed from a couple weeks ago:

The program I use for the Andor Camera is:

Larry’s second attempt at live feed

It is in My Documents

How to work it:

Run the program

Click the “Go Button” to start the live feed

Adjust Gain and exposure time

Click Record button to start recording.

               There is an option for .png or .avi

Click small stop button to stop live feed

There is a that converts .png to .avi on the bottom of the program