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Steve Callaway (an artistic interpretation)

Steve Callaway

  • You can find more out about me from my Wikipedia user page, [1], my personal litcrit blog, [2], and my informatics blog [3]. I am based between Plymouth, Devon, UK and Copenhagen, Denmark.

I've acquired a OWW login because I am engaged in various arcane areas of metawiki analysis and research, such as transwiki linkage analysis. From a practical point of view I am also looking at and examining synergy opportunities with this and other wikia.

I should at this point also mention that my last run-ins with mainstream biology were in the umbral depths of prehistory, when activities such as dissecting frogs were considered the sine qua non of biological activity and the prospect of DNA sequencing was the stuff of fiction. From this you may also safely adduce that I have, in modern parlance, been around the block a few. Nothwithstanding the foregoing caveat I am also interested in certain non-obvious areas of biology such as knowledge, memory, information, speech processing, learning processes and process flow and transformation.

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