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Autoclaving 0.6g 130K PVA + Au:BSA solutions

  • Adding 0.6g of 130,000 poly(vinyl alcohol) to Au:BSA solutions
    • 60 Au:BSA solution: added 0.6002g poly(vinyl alcohol)
    • 90 Au:BSA solution: added 0.6003g poly(vinyl alcohol)
    • 120 Au:BSA solution: added 0.6000g poly(vinyl alcohol)
    • 150 Au:BSA solution: added 0.6001g poly(vinyl alcohol)
  • All solutions put into autoclave at liquid cycle at 9:25AM
  • Taken out at 10:55AM when pressure in the autoclave returned to 0.

Freezing PVA+Au:BSA solutions

  • All PVA+Au:BSA solutions (both sets from previous week - 0.6g 89-98,000 PVA and 1g 89-98,000 PVA; the set from this week - 0.6g 130K PVA) were transferred into plastic tubes using pipettes.
  • All sets put into the freezer at 11:45AM