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Katie and Steve Toast Michael, April 6, 2007 in Albuquerque

Their strategy

KT talked her bosses into getting a half day off work. Steve stayed home so they could do something fun while Sammy played at school. It was a beautiful day in Albuquerque, probably about 75 degrees, mostly sunny. They decided to go to the bar on the 9th floor of Sandia Casino Resort, which has a spectacular 270 degree view of the Sandia Mountains, the golf course, and Albuquerque.

Their implementation

Unfortunately, KT and Steve showed up at about 2 pm and the bar doesn't open until 4 pm. KT, seven months pregnant, and Steve (similar gut) tried the stairwell to see if they could break into the bar anyway from the 8th floor. No dice. Luckily they didn't get locked in the stair well, or this wiki would never have been written, or at least not tonight. This was comparable bravery to the time Michael and / or Steve got up the nerve to knock on that creepy door on Green street in Ithaca.

Alternate plans

Not to be deterred, KT and Steve, left the casino deciding where else to go. Coincidentally, to get from the elevators to the exit, they had to walk through the table games and slots. They lost $10 on some very lucky numbers on roulette and $1 on a really lucky looking slot machine. They finally decided to go to Chili's, because it has the best view of the Sandias and an outdoor patio. Steve was sure they would have Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, at least in bottles, because only idiot chain restaurants would not have that on hand.

Well, it turns out Chili's had no California beers at all. However, Steve ordered a "California Red Wine" and the waitress was able to produce a Cabernet from CA. KT, being seven months pregnant with Sopapilla, ordered the most California-like non-alcoholic fruity drink on the menu. It was authentic Californian, because it had some kind of health additive.

The Toast to Michael

KT and Steve spent about an hour in the afternoon sun, playing hookey from work and enjoying their memories of Michael, Melissa, and the gang from Ithaca. They talked a lot about all the laughter they enjoyed. Games of Cranium, games of golf, seeing the racecars (Steve feeling like a happy little kid sitting in one of them), the fun escapade walking down to the inlet from Ithaca Sports Club. They also talked about enjoying their trip through Ithaca a year ago and getting to see little Milo and brainstorming ways to get back to Ithaca or meet up with Milo and Melissa somewhere or even in Albuquerque. It was a wonderful afternoon bathed in sunshine and togetherness that had Michael Burress written all over it.

Photos from our toast to our memories of Michael

Katie and Steve take off from work to have a toast for Michael on a beautiful day in Albuquerque. They didn't have Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, so Steve had a California Cab. They reminisced about their good times with Michael, Melissa, and the gang in Ithaca.
Later at night, Steve utilized an ACME IPA from Wild Oats--delicious but not as good as Sierra Nevada PA.
After the Acme, Steve gave a better toast with a Seirra Nevada Pale Ale while he recorded this to the wiki. Steve has been drinking Sierra Nevada Pale Ale since Michael gave him a sip of his in 2003 at that bar on the inlet in Ithaca when Steve foolishly ordered a Pabst Blue Ribbon. Formatting the wiki is complicated enough that Steve may need another 12 oz. toast.
I had thought I lost this picture from my phone, but it magically appeared again. This is after Chili's at a bar downtown Albuquerque, where they actually DO serve Sierra Nevada.