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Day 199: Update on the Bioimaging Yb 1033 laser

All parts of the laser are here. Optical table has been ordered from Holmarc, an Indian manufacturer with reasonably good structural stability in the vibration isolation system to permit femtosecond laser cavity construction. The design of the laser has been finalized, and we will replicate Dejan Vucinic's Spy1 design. I will borrow the NIR spectrometer from the CHY-NanoLab!.


  • Lasing material
Yb:KYW crystal Brewster cut, d = 1.2 mm, 5%-at. (Altechna) 
  • Modelocker
 SESAM 0.4 % modulation depth at 1040 nm (Model: SAM-1040-0.7-25.4g) (Batop GmbH), 
 120 µJ/cm^2 saturation fluence and 1 GW/cm^2 damage threshold
  • Pump beam
 Diode laser (Model: CM-980-3500-150) (Axcel Photonics) 
 Power supply: PSP-2010 (Instek)
  • Cavity
 2 Isosceles prisms (IMPEX HighTech GmbH) 
 5% Output coupler (Model: 042-0095-FS) (Eksma)
 collimating lens: Geltech 352350-A (Thorlabs) instead of 350350
 slow axis magnif. lens LJ1942L2-B (Thorlabs) insead of 1805
 slow axis magnif. lens LJ1934L1-B (Thorlabs)
 beam focusing singlet lens LA1134-B (Thorlabs)
 4 Cavity mirrors: (Specs: lambda/4, 1064 nm, flatness < 5 arc min) (IMPEX) 
  • Beamsplitter (Manuf. EKSMA)
 Coating designed for high transmissivity at 981 nm and high reflectivity at >1010 nm
 (BK7 flat mirror dia. 25.4) and BS prism holders 840-0160 (Eksma) & 840-0071 (Eksma) 
  • Neutral density filter set NEK01, 25.4 mm dia. (Thorlabs)
  • Optical Table and vibration isolation system (set of 4 legs) (Holmarc)
  • Kinematic mounts (Newport)

Work in progress!