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Lab Descriptions

Oscilloscope Lab
Practical finance, economics, data analysis lab
e/m ratio for electrons
Electron diffraction
Planck's constant (h/e)
Millikan oil drop
Speed of light
Balmer series
Poisson statistics

Lab Summaries

Lab 0: Oscilloscope Lab | Status: Completed 12 September, 2011
Oscilloscope Lab | Status: To Be Completed
Practical finance, economics, data analysis lab | Status: To Be Completed
e/m ratio for electrons | Status: To Be Completed
Electron diffraction | Status: To Be Completed
Planck's constant (h/e) | Status: To Be Completed
Millikan oil drop | Status: To Be Completed
Speed of light | Status: To Be Completed
Balmer series | Status: To Be Completed
Poisson statistics | Status: To Be Completed