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Ocean Optics Round 2

pH 5


Draw conclusions on reaction speed of nanoparticle formation by measuring absorbance of light, every 2 minutes over a period of 3 hours.

Sample Solution

  1. Stocks
    1. 4.57 mM Au
    2. 53.3 mM BSA
    3. 0.001 mM HCl
    4. DI Water
  1. Volumes Added to Generate Sample
    1. 175.89 uL BSA
    2. 164.11 uL Au
    3. 30 uL HCl
    4. 2629.99 uL HOH


The Protocol can be found at the AU Design Lab

Data Analysis

The increase in absorbance is proportionally and time-connected to the formation of AU nano particles.

Ocean Optics Ph 5 part 1 160928.PNG

The shift in wavelength absorbance indicates the formation of free AU nano particles (linked to the unfolded Protein)

Ocean optics ph 5 part 2 160928.PNG

Ocean optics ph 5 part 3 160928.PNG