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To observe the change in absorbance as pH is changed for two different concentrations of fructose.


  1. Samples were made yesterday, User:Sara K. Mattson/Notebook/Chemistry 671/2016/09/06

Fructose 0mM, 4-12pH

Myoglobin fructose 0mM.jpg

Fructose 0.625mM, 4-12pH

Myoglobin fructose 0.625mM.jpg

Fructose 0.625mM, 4-12pH

.625mM fructose UV-VIS.png

Peak at 554nm for all pH values for fructose 0.625mM

Peak at 554nm UV vis .625mM fructose.png

Fructose 0mM, 4-12pH

0mM fructose uv vis ph 4-12.png

Peak at 554nm for all pH values for fructose 0mM

Absorbance at 554nm for 0mM.png

pH 8 for fructose 0mM on its own, abnormal graph

0mM fructose pH8.png


The concentration of myoglobin was 28.304uM as opposed to 12.5uM and the concentration of Au was 0.381mM as opposed to 0.225mM. For 0mM fructose at pH 8, a separate graph was made because the data collected was irregular with the rest of the data.