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Transect 1

Purpose: To explore the transect environment and catalog biotic and abiotic components. Samples were collected for a future hay infusion.

Method: The method for this lab was rather straightforward, we simply went out and observed the environment of the transect recoding as we went along.

Data & Observations: Biotic: Trees, Plants, Weeds, Grass, Acorns, Roots, Berries, Animals within soil

Abiotic: Soil, Sprinklers, Lamp Post, Rocks, Edge of Ward Building, Metal Disc

General Observations: Area covered with intermittent patches of grass and weeds. There are small dead plants and bushes which have dried out. There are many small thin trees around the transect and sprinklers sticking out of the ground in various places. There is one larger tree to the right side of the region and underneath it a metal disc was found. There is a lamp post looming over the center of the region. Rocks and acorns are strewn around.

Safaan Transect Diagram.jpg


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