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Ruediger Trojok
  • Ruediger Trojok
  • University Freiburg, Germany

I worked in the Schamel lab at the Max Planck Institute for Immunology on systems biology model of B-Cell pathways and lately for Prof. Murphy at ZBSA, Freiburg, taking 3D confocal images from protoplast cells for a generative model of cell organelles. In 2009 i was a member of the Freiburg iGEM team 2009.

Did you know about the DIYBio scene that is emerging at the moment? Very interesting ideas about how to make bio-science cheap and readily available to an open source oriented public. People set up so called Bio hackerspaces to perform their low budget science in the open. This development could put biologists into the same position as the IT- hackers. If the linux guys manage to undermine giants like microsoft, why souldn't biologists do the same with the pharma industry?

Please engage in the process, get in contact with the others and support open-science-labs.


Diploma student Biology at Max Planck Institute of Immunology Freiburg and University Freiburg, Germany

Research interests

In general Immuno-, Cell-, Systems- and Synthetic-Biology
In special I am interested in modeling.
That is 3D protein modeling as well as logical models of pathways.

universal restriction enzyme

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