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  1. Setup AgNP and AuNP synthesis reactions for SPI, WPI, Casein, Pea Protein and Brown Rice Protein
  2. Further Research reducing sugars and other extra-protein reducing agents


  1. Used same nutritional proteins on 02/02/16
  2. Protein and gold stocks prepared fresh every day


Reaction procedure devised on 02/03/16 prepared and executed today.

  1. Reducing stock protein concentrations (and thus concentrations in reaction mix) to increase metal/protein ratio to spur NP formation as we saw protein aggregate and nanofiber formation in previous reactions
  2. Hold protein volume and thus concentration) constant and change fructose concentration (reducing agent)


No reactions worked, this was due to some errors. Some water volumes were calculated higher than 1ml (all 1ml reactions). And thus everything in reaction mix was more dilute than necessary. Although the max this occurred at was 1.05ml/1.00ml.

*Detailed results, procedures, and data: SRB Lab Notebook Data for this entry's date