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  • Turned over crosses
  • Collected two [MH107,hsFLP/Y ; mRFP, myb+, FRT42D/FRT42D] males.
    • Heat shocked at 37C for 1 hour
      • 11:50 AM - 12:50PM
    • Will dissect on Thurs, Feb 5. with the following stains:
      • Either Spectrin w/ 488 Secondary or Falloidin 488
      • Totpro for DNA
  • Will collect more males on Thurs, Feb 5. and heat shock.
    • Will dissect on Tues, Feb 10.

FRT/RFP Recombination

  • Collected virgins of the three crosses and set up the following cross:
    • V[mRFP/FRT] x [Sc/Cyo]
    • Will collect non-scutoid males with orange-red eyes and set up individual crosses to V[Sc/Cyo].
  • Will collect more virgins Feb 4 and Feb 5.
  • Turned over crosses