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FRT/RFP Recombination

  • Turned over crosses.
  • Planned the following crosses with Heather:
    • Collect [w; mRFP/(FRT40 or FRT42D)] from first cross
    • [w; mRFP/(FRT40 or FRT42D)] x [w/Y ; Sc/Cyo]
    • Collect [w/Y; mRFP, FRT / Cyo]
      • Non-scutiod, curly progeny.
    • [w/Y; mRFP, FRT / Cyo] x [w/w ; Sc/Cyo]
      • Only use ONE MALE from the previous cross for each one of these crosses.
      • Collect non-scutoid, curly progeny. Use to start stable source
      • mRFP FRT combination not guaranteed, must be confirmed by next cross.
    • [w/Y; mRFP, FRT / Cyo] x [FRT; eyFLP]
      • FRT40A - R26 B1 amd R28 I2
      • FRT42D - R26 F1