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Professional Positions


I am the Principal Investigator of the Laboratory for Investigation of the Biological Basis of Neurodevelopmental Disorders at University of Texas. I am also the Medical Director of the Medically-based Autism Clinic at University of Texas.

Contact Info

Richard E. Frye


  • 2005, Research Fellow, Boston University
  • 2005, Behavioral Neurology Fellowship, Harvard University / Children's Hosptial Boston
  • 2003, Neurology Residency, Harvard University / Children's Hosptial Boston
  • 2000, Pediatic Residency, University of Miami / Jackson Memorial Hospital
  • 1998, MD, Georgetown University
  • 1998, PhD, Georgetown University, Physiology and Biophysics
  • 1991, MS, Drexel University, Biomedical Science / Biostatistics
  • 1986, BA, Long Island University, Psychobiology

Research interests

  1. Dyslexia
  2. Autism
  3. Magnetoencephalography
  4. Diffusion Weighted Imaging
  5. Cortical Morphology
  6. Mitochondrial Disease
  7. Epileptic Encephalopathy

Original Papers

  • Tetrahydrobiopterin in Neurodevelopmental Disorders
  1. Frye, R.E. Central tetrahydrobiopterin concentration in neurodevelopmental disorders. Frontiers in Neuropharmacology, in press.
  2. Frye, R.E., Huffman, L.C., Elliot, G.R. Tetrahydrobiopterin as a novel therapeutic intervention for autism, Neurotheraputics, in press.
  • Brain Reorganization in Dyslexia
  1. Frye, R.E., Liederman, J., Hasan, K.M., Lincoln, A., Malmberg, B., deSouza, L., McLean, J., Papanicolaou, A. Diffusion tensor quantification of the relations between microstructural and macrostructural indices of white matter and reading. Human Brain Mapping, in press.
  2. Frye, R.E., Hasan, K., Malmberg, B., deSouza, L., Swank, P., Smith, K., Landry, S. Superior longitudinal fasciculus and cognitive dysfunction in adolescents born preterm and at term. Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology, in press.
  • Clinical Research in Epilepsy and Subclinical Electrical Discharges
  1. Frye, R.E., Butler, I., Strickland, D., Castillo, E., Papanicolaou, A. Electroencephalogram discharges in atypical cognitive development. Journal of Child Neurology, in press.
  • Basic Research in Diffusion Tensor Imaging
  1. Hasan, K.M, Frye, R.E. Diffusion Tensor based Regional Gray Matter Tissue Segmentation Using the International Consortium for Brain Mapping Atlases. Human Brain Mapping, in press.
  2. Hasan, K.M., Walimuni, I.S., Kramer, L.A., Frye, R.E. Human Brain Atlas-based Volumetry and Relaxometry: Application to Healthy Development and Natural Aging. Magn Reson Med, in press.
  3. Kamali, A., Hasan, K.M., Kramer, K.A. Frye, R.E. Diffusion Tensor Tractography of the Human Brain Cortico-Ponto-Cerebellar Pathways: A Quantitative Preliminary Study. Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, in press.
  • Basic Researh in Effective Connectivity
  1. Pollonini, L., Pophale, S., Wu, W., Frye, R.E., Leon-Carrion, J., Zouridakis, G. Information Communication Networks in Severe Traumatic Brain Injury. Brain Topography, in press.
  • Basic Research in Language Perception
  1. Liederman, J., Saloman, J.L. Hensley, K. McGraw Fisher, J., Frye, R. The timing of the influence of one syllable on the next generalizes across tasks: Its significance as an indicator of refractoriness. The Journal of General Psychology, in press.
  2. Liederman, J., Gilbert, K., McGraw Fisher, J., Mathews, G., Frye, R.E., Joshi, P. Are women more influenced than men by top-down semantic information when listening to disrupted speech? Language and Speech, in press.

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