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  • Creation of more AuNPs


  1. Creation of more AuNPs
    • After running the AC impedence on all of the metal powder doped films, we noticed that the reading was not significantly better than control group and have determined that the concentration of the dopant was ultimately too low. Therefore we are increasing the concentration of the conductive element in the film.
  2. Creation of more AuNPs
    • After calculations, it was determined that around 1.4 Liters of AuNP solution will be necessary to add 100mg of Au to the film.
    1. The AuNP solution was made and the necessary amount was placed into a giant glass dish/bowl thing. The solution was boiled down into a managable amount.


Reagents for 1 Liter

  • 0.11929g HAuCl4
  • 0.11596g Na-Citrate
  • 0.00356g NaBH4